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  • ANCESTRY FEATURES: Know your personal story in a whole new way. Discover your ancestry composition and where in the world your DNA is from across 2000+ regions. Discover the origins of your maternal and paternal ancestors and how they moved around the world over thousands of years. Discover when different ancestries were introduced into your DNA and how many generations ago you had an ancestor that was descended from a single population or ethnicity.
  • DNA RELATIVES: Opt-in to our DNA Relatives tool to find, connect, and message those who share DNA with you. Automatically start your Family Tree using your DNA. Compare ancestries and traits and message to better understand your family connections.
  • OUR MOST INNOVATIVE ANCESTRY: Drill down into the details. Trace how certain populations were passed down through different generations. See estimates of your ancestry down to the 0.1%. See overlapping chromosome segments between you and your matches to help you triangulate new relatives for your family tree. Find out how much of your DNA is derived from Neanderthals and how that compares to others.
  • EXPLORE YOUR TRAITS: Know what makes you, you. Discover what makes you unique with reports like hair photobleaching and freckles. See what your DNA might have to say about your taste and smell preferences. Discover how DNA can affect your ability to match a musical pitch or whether you hate the sound of chewing.
  • PRIVATE AND PROTECTED: Everyone deserves a secure, private place to explore and understand their genetics. Your data is encrypted, protected, and under your control. You decide what you want to learn and what you want to share. Subject to 23andMe’s Terms of Service at 23andme. com/tos and Privacy Statement at 23andme. com/about/privacy

13 reviews for 23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service

  1. Soda Star

    Welp I found an adult brother that I never knew existed and we’re friends now, so 5 stars for that. It was worth all the family drama.

  2. Ashley Lester

    This test was super easy to collect the dna sample and to send off. I am adopted and have been trying to find some of my birth family. With luck 23andMe matched me with my older sister. It’s a small small world as we found out that we had mutual family friends as we were growing up and lived only a couple towns away from each other.

  3. David W Carver Jr

    I purchased this kit for my mom for Christmas. My mom was the first born of 4 kids to a military family. She has straight blonde hair, brown eyes, and darker skin whereas her siblings have bright blue eyes, dark curly hair, and pale skin. Because of this she was always teased for ¡°being adopted¡± or that she ¡°must have a different dad¡±. WELL she got her results back and found out that she does in fact have a different dad and her siblings are all half siblings! My grandma had been with another man while my (I guess) step-grandpa was deployed and had gotten pregnant and married my step-grandpa as soon as he returned to the states so no one would know. So now we are on a quest to find her biological dad!

  4. MeganM

    I received a message that I was most likely this persons sister. So I broke down and bought this! I¡¯m pleased to announce…Its a boy lol. I have a brother I never knew about who is 4 yrs younger than me. We are going to meet in June with my sister because we were all born in June!!

  5. Christine

    I bought this as a gift for my husband for Christmas. He was adopted and only knew a little of his family history. My husband put his sample in the kit, sent it away and received it back in under two weeks. He first received an e-mail so he couple see his results even before the report came in the mail. I will definitely tell you that this report is accurate. As I said he did not know a lot of his family history but what he did know is that his Great Grandfather was 100% Native American. When we got the report back it did in fact state that he was a specific percentage of Native American and that he had a relative as close back as 4th generation that was 100% Native American. We were very excited at how accurate it was and to find out other areas that we did not know about. This test is so accurate and is so informative if you really want to know your background. Highly recommend.

  6. Joe Madison

    We’ve had a pretty well filled in family history on both sides, and I was surprised how the DNA results verified family stories. Father’s Father’s people came from London, as indicated. Father’s Mother was from Cork, Ireland which was also indicated. Mother’s Father’s people came from Glasgow, Scotland. Again, indicated by DNA. A story from my Mother’s Mother’s side indicated a “great great grandmother” was Native American, and the test indicated I had a Native ancestor in the late 18th or early 19th century. Looked for “DNA Relatives” and two people were identified as first cousins who had my mother’s maiden name. Did not recognize them as relations, but I have many cousins on that side. All in all a fun experience. I did not pay extra for the medical information because frankly, I feel they charge too much for it. They already did the test, but you have to pay a premium to see all your data. I would give this kit as a gift, but I would check to be sure the recipient is comfortable with the idea. My wife was thrilled to get hers.

  7. TMS

    I was shocked to find out that my family was very much incorrect about our family history. I think a lit of them were super upset to learn that our grandparents were either mistaken or flat out lied to us. Also if you are well versed in history you will feel a certain type of way if you find other races in your gene pool. (Like I did). 23 & me breaks down where your DNA comes from in your family line all the way back to 1700 and because I am a history buff seeing the horrible truth of my family line was heartbreaking. I am only alive today because of rape and colonization in my family line. It’s a hard pill to swallow. I recommend this if you are brave enough to face the truth.

  8. bingo

    If you want a more in depth look at your recent ancestry, this is most definitely the company to go with now. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up my results after some time and noticed they had updated. Not only do they now pinpoint with accuracy my known places/regions of recent ancestral heritage, they also were bold enough to present bits and pieces of my more distant ancestry which Ancestry.Com did not do. I received 9 regions in total with 23&Me, all of which made sense given my known recent ancestry, while Ancestry.Com only presented two broad regions on their recent update (when I used to have 9). Also, the many tools they have, such as the recent timeline feature, and the ancestry painting feature make the process of knowing your ancestry so much more interesting.

  9. age Heen

    Worked well. Was very detailed and had some fun traits. Very easy to use. It took about 6 weeks to get results. You may find out some stuff you weren’t prepared for, like your dad not being your biological parent so take that into consideration.

  10. Number 1 Mommy

    This DNA kit worked for me. It arrived and was processed in time even including the Christmas Holidays. I am excited to find I have seven half=brothers and sisters. Most of all, it allowed me to finally find out who my father is who I have been searching for for years now. I was born in England and my father was born in the USA. I love this DNA tests and uploaded my file to Gedmatch for free, and paid around $20 to upload it to Promethease which both sites give health information.

  11. T. J. Mathews

    I recently purchased this kit. You have to pre register it before you send it in. The directions are easy to follow. It took less than 3 weeks to get my results back.Since I am an adopted child I never knew who my birth parents where. My birth records said I am 100% European. After getting my results back I found out that I am 20% Native American. I have also made contact with relatives I have never known. I still don’t know who my birth parents are but the contacts I have made so far through 23 and me will help me find that out. The information you get is highly detailed. You can take it as far as you want. It is definitely worth the money.

  12. Marlene Beach

    I bought this kit for my wife after I got an kit. The kit was a lot cheaper, but you need to be a paying member of to get the full benefits. My wife does not have to jump through any hoops. She can see who might be related to her and reach out to them on the site. While there are some aspects of I like better, I think overall the better value is the 23andme test.

  13. Breanna

    So crazy thing about this is that I found my dads real dad by using this. My dad is now 46 but last year when I took this in March it came out that I had a grandpa. We didn¡¯t believe it at first obviously but we talked to my now grandpa and he knew a lot about our family and my dads mom. So I convinced my dad to take one and it ended up becoming a positive match that it was his dad. Here we are a year later and still in contact. Very great product, really changed my life.

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